Kingfisher School

Kingfisher School

Our School Day

What does our school day look like?

Our children and young people arrive at school and our doors open at 8.55am

The staff then support the pupils and students to prepare them for their learning day according to their individual needs. This may be a “Wake up and Shake up” session or a time when the children’s personal care needs are attended to. Sometimes the class enjoys a quiet period of reflection to music.

This is usually followed by a “good morning” session with a song of reference and an introduction to the learning activities for the day. This will be supported with a visual timetable.

Break times last for 15 minutes and are taken between 10.30am and 11.00am according to the flow of the morning session. Pupils and students will take some outdoor time either on our playground or the school field according to their needs and preferences.

Lunch is served in the Primary Hall or classrooms where the children and young people are supported by their Teaching Assistants and additional Lunchtime Supervisors.

The students end their school day in their classrooms with a close of day routine and reflection individual to their class. 

Each cluster will come together, for a weekly assembly  where they reflect on the week’s activities, share good news and celebrate the successes of individual students. We sing and dance and share a story or a learning experience. We finish with our School Prayer and birthday wishes for anyone celebrating in that week.

The school day ends at 3.00pm and most pupils are collected by school transport.

Barnardos provide an After School Club Monday - Thursday from 3.00pm–6.00pm when some of our children remain to enjoy a light tea and recreational activities.

Our school days are busy and full of fun and lots of learning.